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Summer Bras and Breast Shape

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After what felt like an eternity of being sick (a few weeks of coughing, phlegm and throwing up combined with some other unrelated health stuff), I’m finally more or less feeling like my normal self! I’ve somehow managed to juggle dropping off and picking up my boys from various summer activities, plan a birthday party for my soon to be 4 year old, a few custom bras and regular online orders with a lot of help from the hubby.

Upward and onward! Today’s blog post will shine a spotlight on how breast anatomy can affect the cups of a bra. If you need a primer on breast shape, take a look at my other blog post link [HERE]. This particular case study is based on a client with omega shaped breasts. She measures a 36G in traditional methods (full/underband), 36GG via BCD, 36G via vertical wire but has a crosscup measurement that corresponds to 36II!!

While many women (dare I say, MOST?) have some asymmetry between the left and right breast, this young lady was incredibly even. I measured her on several occasions and while there were some minute differences depending on the time of month/day, her left and right breasts continued to measure the same. Which makes the fact one neckline needed to be taken in even more interesting. The upper cup of the right breast needed to be reduced by 15mm when compared to the left. Everything else remained the same. I suspect she may be left hand dominate and possibly play a sport that relies heavily on one hand.

Out of respect for my client (and the fact she’s a minor!), there are no photos of the bras on the body but here are a few on my dressform.


For those who are interested, the brown and black bra is made from duo layers of sheer cup lining (for coverage, not support) custom dyed to that lovely brown. Its paired with some black stretch lace. The black and pink flowers bra is from my navy/pink bra kit avail in the store [HERE].


The smaller pieces of lace was basted on with wash-away-thread then sewn on in matching polyester thread. Particularly helpful when you want to use EVERY LAST BIT of your precious lace! In the black bra, the scalloped lace was applied to the cradle a bit differently. Instead of lining up the seamline with the valleys of the lace, I placed the seamline away from the scalloped edge by about 1” so the finished edge would extend beyond the side seam for a slightly different transition look.

The lighter fabrics should serve her well as our temperatures creep up and are a nice change from the sports bra she’s been living in. Honestly, the huge smile on her face says it all.