Bespoke Bras, Lingerie and Supplies

Why Custom Bras?

Custom Bras are a great solution for those who have difficulty finding comfortable bras that fit in traditional stores. From strapless bras that stay put and full coverage bras in fun colors to wireless bras that support, our bras can have functional design features only available through a custom service.

They don't carry my size

Most retailers in the US carry a limited size range.  When it comes to custom bras, size is not a factor.  Whether a client is a 26AA or a 48K, our size range is virtually unlimited!


My breasts are different sizes

Most women have breasts that are different sizes to varying degrees!  The size difference can be addressed a few different ways. We can help find the right combination of cup sizing and comfort.

The wires dig in

Sometimes the wires dig in the ribs, others in the sternum, and yet other times, only when raising the arms!  We fit the underwires to the client's body - not the other way around.


The bra cups are simutaniously too big and too small

Breasts that are the same volume can have very different shapes due to varying viscosity (remember those experiments from High School?).  We offer custom cup and wire combinations to fit all needs.

The Straps fall down constantly

Sloped shoulders is a common cause for slipping straps.  As are the very modern wide set straps on average shoulders.  We can help find the ideal design and placement for each client.


Nursing bras are too boring

Who said nursing bras had to be plain?  Add lace for a bit of romance, splash of color to lift the spirits or racer back to better chase after toddlers!  We offer supportive nursing bras in wireless or wired options.