Bespoke Bras, Lingerie and Supplies

Comfortable bras that support without pain or constant readjusting should be available to ALL women.


Our story

We are bra and lingerie enthusiasts making our way through the Custom clothing world. With a creative background, 20+ years of sewing experience, and Master's Degree in Education, we hope to enhance women's lives through small (and vitally important) pieces of clothing, a bit of education and some confidence!



Who am I?

Have you heard that statistic about 8 out of 10 women are wearing the wrong bra size?  I was one of those women!  It was especially shocking as I've been fitted by young women at a popular lingerie store, middle aged women at specialty stores and old women at high end department stores. 

After a few years of being on bra hiatus (called nursing), I decided it was time for proper bras again.  Nothing seemed to fit quite right.  The bras were too big, too small, etc, etc.  A few months after my newest (and best fitting bra) left me with angry red marks in the center of my chest, I happened to come across DIY bra sewing.  It had never occurred to me to sew my own bras before despite years of sewing experience!  One taste and I was hooked.

While the creative aspect of sewing and designing bras certainly appealed to me, the psychological effects of a well fitting bra were astounding.  Post-nursing breasts were no longer saggy - the result of lifting tissue off the belly left the distinct impression of WEIGHT LOSS - which immediately resulted in lifted spirits.  Not to mention no more pain from underwires and in not-so-boring colors and textures!  And so, a company was born to share the joy!