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Japan Trip - Patterned Bemberg Fabrics!

LilypaDesigns2 Comments

During my recent trip to Japan, I discovered patterned Bemberg fabric at the prestigeous Bunka Fashion School!


Isn't it gorgeous?  This is just the tip of the iceburg.  The sample book I looked at had pages and pages of beautiful Bemberg lining fabric in different colors and patterns.

For those not familiar with Bemberg (sometimes called cupro), it is a rayon/viscose lining that for all intents and purposes, feels like silk.  It has become one of the indicators of a quality suit and maybe used in any situation where quality lining is desired.  In the lingerie world, Bemberg is also a nice alternative to silk for chemise, french knickers and other lounge wear.  This fabric made images of gorgeous, breathable, colorful bras dance around in my head...

[It is interesting to not that Bemberg was originally created in Germany by Johann Peter Bemberg in 1897.  The company did well until post-WWII where a series of splits and mergers occurred until the company dissolved in 2011.  Luckily, the technology was licensed to manufacturers in the US and Japan in 1925 and 1928 respectively.  The US manufacturer was sold and resold a number of times post-WWII before filing for bankruptcy in 1974. Today, the only manufacturers of Bemberg is in Japan by Asahi.]



Given the price of 2000 yen (approx $18 usd) per yard [of the patterned type, plain was significantly cheaper and available from a variety of websites in the US], I had to think carefully about which ones I wanted.  Imagine my disappointment that they were not able to cut right then and there as its not in-store!  They needed 2 days to bring the fabric over and cut it for me - unfortunately, 2 days would be the day we leave Japan.  I had become so accustomed to the US fabric stores that have the SPACE to store everything that it never occurred to me this may not be the norm in other countries (or possibly other parts of the US!).

Will definitely stop by again next trip!