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Sewing Bras - Satin and Lace Bra

LilypaDesigns4 Comments

After finishing my last lace bra,  I wanted to try making my PUG Classic turned PUG Shelley with a larger power bar. Using a bit of satin I had leftover from a robe I made, I think this experiment went well.


While I was happy with the fit of the lace bra, I wanted the girls to be more centered - a common request for those with outerfull breasts (AKA bust points that face outwards AKA East/Westing).  It is can be a somewhat awkward feeling when your arm rubs against your breast when walking.  Common solutions include using a built-in powerbar and internal slings.  Since I am already well aware of an internal sling's effectiveness in wireless bras [link HERE], I thought I'd give the built-in powerbar a revisit.

Close up of the altertered powerbar.

Close up of the altertered powerbar.


  • Converted PUG CLASSIC to the PUG Shelley 
  • Increased with of powerbar from last version 
  • Double layer of powernet 
  • Lined satin with iron on tricot for ease of handling.
  • Extended length of alternative straps.
  • Plus usual changes specific to personal preferences such as Gothic arch, overlapping channeling abs increased height on side wings. 


  • Increasing the width of the powerbar worked as expected
  • Using iron on stabilizer for the satin was an excellent idea
  • Doubling up on the powernet worked as expected
  • Increasing the length of the alternative straps worked functionally but made the strap thinner and thus not as comfortable
Matching Satin Bra and Robe Set!

Matching Satin Bra and Robe Set!


The Satin and Lace bra was a success!  It accomplished the objectives I had set out and while adding more color to my lingerie drawer.  The built-in powerbar effectively pushed the girls toward CF where there is no longer friction (between the arm and breast) when walking.  The dual layer of powermesh also effectively combated the extra stretchy plush elastic (over 100% stretch) while maintaining the sleek shiloutte and support.