Bespoke Bras, Lingerie and Supplies


We offer personal assistance in helping to create the ideal bra through customized fittings. Client experience may differ slightly depending on specific needs. 

Initial consultation

The initial consultation may take up to an hour.  We will discuss client needs, style and structure of a bra.  Then its on to fun stuff - fabrics and details!

Once a go ahead is recieved, measurements will be taken of the client's chest area.  An underwire (if appropriate) will be tried on and selected.  In select cases, more measurements may need to be taken (for example - notable asymmetry).

First fitting

During the client's first fitting appointment, an in-progress bra will be tried on while being assessed for fit and comfort.  This bra will not be fully finished - there may be mismatched thread, missing lace, etc as the focus will be on fit.

Second Fitting

In select cases, additional fitting may be required to further fine tune the fit.


The custom bra is ready!  During this process, a bra pattern was created specially tailored to the client's body.  From this master pattern, we are able to create different styles - from push up bras to strapless, shapewear, swimwear and corsets!  We recommend getting fitted every year or so as our bodies can change quite a bit in one year's time.