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Crafting an Iron Man Suit for a Child


This is a non-bra making related post but still very much related to crafting and the arts! I’ve spent the past few months working on this little side project for the other night’s shenanigans (Premiere night of Avengers: Endgame).

Kei as Iron Man 2.jpg

While not my first foray into foamsmithing, this was definitely the most complex. This is a nice precursor to another idea I have rolling around in my noggin that coincides with my day job nicely (hint hint).

It took a bit of work and some trial and error to size down an adult Iron Man Suit Template for my 6 year old. For those who have a bit of bio in their background, children do not have the same body proportions as adults so it wasn’t a matter of simply shrinking everything down to 65%. Then there was the printing, cutting, tracing and foam cutting before the actual assembly. We called in a few favors in order to make this happen. A good artist friend, various family members for assistance with cutting and borrowing of specific tools and great communication with the guys at Creature Cast. My husband pulled a favor from his co-worker to get the arc-reactor 3D printed in glow-in-the-dark media and hooked up the leds himself.

Here’s a few pics of my oldest with fellow cosplayers..


For those interested in making your own Iron Man suit, here are the materials and sources I used:

Template: XingProd

6mm Foam: TNT Cosplay

Foam Primer: Creature Cast

Siphon Gun: Critter Sprayer

Air brush Paint: Createx

Clear Gloss: Pledge Floor Gloss